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Delegation of Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) meets Prof. Rai (right) in his office at SUZA main Campus. Others from left are Mr. Mustafa Efe - the Advisor to YTB President, Mr. Mehmet Kose – YTB President and Mr. Nevzat Ceylan -  a Turkish government member of Parliament and Vice President of Turkey-Tanzania Friendship Committee.

Conversation between Turkish YTB delegation and SUZA officials in progress

The Republic of Turkey pledged to strengthen her relationship with the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) in matters related to higher education field, this was clarified by Mr. Mehmet Kose, the Head of Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) during his visit at SUZA main campus with his delegation on 14th August, 2017. They were hosted by Prof. Idris Rai, the SUZA Vice Chancellor and his Management team.

The delegation was very much pleased by their visiting in Zanzibar and Tanzania in totality where Mr. Nevzat Ceylan who is a Turkish government member of Parliament and Vice President of Turkey-Tanzania Friendship Committee stated that their visit is a clear testimony that their historical relationship with Zanzibar is still influential. “Our presence here today will enhance this historical relationship between us”, he added.

Turkey through this mission has shown interest to work in partnership and promised to establish higher learning exchange programmes and expertise in various disciplines with SUZA, also aims to initiate cooperation in teaching languages spoken in these two nations.

Prof. Idris Rai informed his visitors that Zanzibar has significantly benefited from having relationship with Turkey through the enjoyment of various educational opportunities which are offered by Turkey; he said that Zanzibar has a variety of experts in diverse fields who obtained their education from that country.

He notified the delegation that there are already over twenty Turkish higher learning institutions which have shown interest to collaborate with SUZA in certain development programmes among which have reached agreement to sign memoranda of understanding (MoUs) which are now in process being dealt by the concerned authorities in Zanzibar.

Prof. Rai mentioned priority areas of the State University of Zanzibar some of them being Oceanography and Natural Resources, Environmental Sciences, Mobile Computing, Oil and Gas, Medicine and Engineering saying that it will be prudent if these priorities get inspiration from highly developed stakeholders like Turkey.

He explained that SUZA needs to strengthen the capacity building of its academic staff in masters and doctoral levels so as to be able to stand by its own and eventually develop its goals as defined by the university mission and vision.

The delegation which also included Mr. Mustafa Efe who is the Advisor to YTB President vowed to help SUZA in building its capacity.

Before visiting SUZA the delegation visited Tanzania mainland where it met up with the Turkish Tanzanian alumni including Honourable Hussein Mwinyi, the Minister of Defense and National Service. 

Also while in Zanzibar it was expected to meet Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council as well as the management of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Zanzibaris who had studied in Turkey

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