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The Kilimanjaro Project Launch at Seacliff Hotel Dar es Salaam. From left are; An Advisory Board Member, Kelvin Twissa, Project Lead, Sarah Scott and Guest of Honour, Ali Mufuruki.

  The project will use Khangas as a tool to send message and raise awareness. In an installation planned to take place in October 2018, the kilimanjaro project lay six khangas up the six hiking trails of the mountain, each carrying a different message around key aspects of the environment; reforestation, waste management, conservation, water stewardship, and renewable energy. The six khangas will meet at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, calling for people to come together.   

The Kilimanjaro Project is driven by the vision of better futures for coming generations. The main goal of the project is to raise awareness, enter dialogue, and create solutions around sustainable futures and climate change.

The Guest of Honour, Ali Mufuruki, addresses invited guests during the launch.

Other goals are participating in the Sustainable Development Goals by supporting conservation, tree planting, education and social enterprise / small business development in Tanzania; engaging local communities to participate in solutions for creating a climate resistant future; fundraising for related projects - conservation, reforestation and water resource management and creating active partnerships.

The first edition of the khangas, Tuje Pamoja- Let Us Come Together is available for sale in Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam residents can pay for the khangas through Mpesa 5588080 - The Kili Project and pick up khangas at selected points; The Novel Idea bookshop at Slipway, Masaki and at Clouds Media’s offices in Mikocheni. The event which was sponsored by Cool Blue Pure Drinking Water took place at Sea Cliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam on the morning of 3rd August and later in the day followed by a cocktail reception at Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel in Marangu, Kilimanjaro.
The Project Lead, Sarah Scott, addresses invited guests during the launch. please upload a press release bellow

The Kilimanjaro Project, a climate change inspired project, held a meeting with environment stakeholders and members of the press to introduce the project. A prominent business leader, Mr. Ali Mufuruki was the guest of honor during the meeting which also served as the official launch of the project.

The Kilimanjaro Project is an art for change campaign for sustainable futures and climate change awareness, using Mount Kilimanjaro as an indicator that we are experiencing rapidly changing climates and environmental degradation. Through active partnerships, The Kilimanjaro Project will raise awareness through a communications campaign that will inspire sustainable behavioral change. 

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