A bunch of Shaquille O'Neal's co-workers at TNT are PISSED ... and it's all because the days of being attacked at the office by the ex-NBA star might be over for good.

We spoke to several people who work at the Turner building, where Shaq tapes "Inside the NBA" and they're all saying the same thing -- Shaq's sneak attacks make the office a FUN place.

As we previously reported, Shaq is known around the building for playfully tackling unsuspecting staffers over a couch in the building.  But one target says he was badly injured during a Shaq attack and filed a police report against the guy.

Now, staffers tell us they fear management will put an end to Shaq's shenanigans -- and they're bummed.

In fact ... several people told us they enjoy being the "victims" of Shaq's tackles ... they also like conspiring with him to set up their friends for Shaq's pranks, just like in the video below.